Social Saturdays and Sundays

Social Saturdays and Sundays

Social Saturdays and Sundays is a shorter program offered on weekends that is based on our Via West community integration outings. The program will consist of 2-4 social outings each month that are complemented by an additional 3-4 virtual instructional and social sessions.

Social Saturdays and Sundays is designed to address the emotional needs and safety concerns of our participants with re-entry into social situations coming out of the pandemic. Our outings could be the first steps in re-engaging families who have experiences social isolation but remain cautious about re-entry.  This program is also a great introduction to the types of services we offer at Via West. Families are encouraged to use one of these sessions as a trial before a full day or overnight weekend camp. It’s also a great short break for parents to go have lunch or spend time with other siblings!

Via has long offered community integration programs such as this as an element of the Via West curriculum. We are excited to offer these community activities that are meaningful, challenging, and fun, yet also provide parents reassurance that appropriate health protocols are in place for their loved ones to be safe.

Outings will consist of a meetup at a specified location – a city or regional park with open space and trails, museum, zoo, or amusement park. The destinations will vary depending on the age, interests, and cognitive abilities of the group. With the initial launch of our program, groups will be limited with staff providing 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 ratio support. Those who are able will wear a face mask at all times, social distancing will be maintained, and location guidelines will be followed. As covid restrictions lessen, the numbers of the groups will expand.

There will be one young adults/adults and one kids/teens/young adults virtual session each week with a monthly subscription fee. We will have recommended ages for each session based on content and socialization, but anyone with a subscription may log in. The sessions will rotate between culinary, creative arts and crafts, science and nature, sports and outdoor education, and performing arts.

Click here for the dates and detailed descriptions for our 2021 Summer Program.

Social Saturdays and Sundays

The Program

  • Kids, teens, and young adults sessions for ages 5-22, young adults and adults sessions for ages 16+
  • Altitude kids and teens sessions for ages 9-18, teens and young adults sessions for ages 18-30
  • Staffing ratios provided for 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1
  • Check-in is at 11:00am and check-out is at 3:00pm

Pricing & Enrollment

  • Private Pay: $130 for 3:1 or $160 for 2:1 or $190 for 1:1
  • If you would like to utilize Regional Center funding, please check with your Regional Center planning team to use your out-of-home respite hours. If the session is indeed funded by the Regional Center, you will only be charged for the enhanced experience – the Supplemental Daily Rate of $75/day
  • The virtual sessions have a monthly subscription rate of $100/month
  • Click below to register online or call 408-243-7861, ext. 214 to register over the phone
  • Click here to apply for financial assistance
  • New participant? Click here to inquire about programs

Registration Opens June 1

If you are experiencing any challenges or difficulties with our online registration, please call the admissions department at 408-243-7861, ext. 214 to register over the phone.